Several animal tethering tickets issued after ordinance passed earlier this year, Horry County police say


CONWAY, SC – (WBTW) The Horry County Police Department has issued 30 tickets for animal tethering since they began gathering data on the new ordinance in March.

17 tickets they gave out were warning tickets.

Horry County Council gave final approval to harsher restrictions on animal tethering in February.

It made it illegal to keep animals tied up outside if the temperature is hotter than 90 degrees or colder than 45.

Other restrictions say the animal has to be tied up in a way that prevents injury, strangulation, or entanglement.

“The whole purpose of this ordinance is to take care of these animals, educate the owners so we wouldn’t have a repeat offense,” said Horry County Police Chief Joseph Hill. “A lot of these tickets that were written is in response to animal welfare calls and some of our other dog-fighting that we’ve had in the county.”

Under the ordinance, animals tied up must also have access to water, food, shelter and not be sick or injured.

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