“Sex on the Beach” couple to register as sex offenders

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BRADENTON, FL – It’s known as the “Sex on the Beach” case, and when it happened back in July 2014, the story made headlines around the world.

A couple in Manatee County was caught on camera having sex on Cortez Beach.

A great-grandmother grabbed her iPhone and began recording when she saw the couple looking suspiciously sexual in the sand in broad daylight.

Everyone saw it, including her 4-year-old grandchild.

The couple didn’t hold back.

Bold and brazen with their bodies, they were grinding in full view. Bradenton Beach Police were called, and the couple was eventually arrested.

Today in court, a Manatee jury found the couple guilty in just 15 minutes of lewd and lascivious behavior. And, because this crime happened in front of children, the two will have to register as sex offenders.

8 on your side spoke exclusively with the cop who arrested the couple.

Bradenton Beach Police Officer Eric Hill told us, “This isn’t an after-hours disco that people can use for a garbage can. This is the root of family.”

Indeed, the beach is known for its family atmosphere.

Officer Hill, a kind-hearted father himself, shakes his head. “I just don’t get it. Wow, what they did was bold.”

The couple, 40-year-old Jose Cabellero and 20-year-old Elissa Alvarez, claimed they were cuddling and wrestling that day.

But, the video, now seen all over YouTube, sealed the dirty deal.

We visited Elissa’s father at his Bradenton home. “This is not like her. She fell for the wrong guy. She is a great athlete and a good student,” he said. He then broke down in tears with his face in his hands, overcome with emotion.

Officer Hill added, “I’m very surprised someone would be that bold on public beach with people around. You should always assume someone is watching you.”

People who live nearby, including the mayor of Bradenton Beach, are disturbed.

One father, Ray Schmitz, told us, “It’s ridiculous, it shouldn’t happen, there’s a time and place for everything, not for on the beach. I’m proud of our law enforcement for stopping this!”

The couple is now behind bars in custody.

No sentencing date has been set. Plea deals were offered to the couple prior to the trial.

Because Caballero had a previous drug conviction, prosecutors want a longer prison sentence for him, while Alvarez will most likely serve less time since she does not have a criminal record.

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