MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The day after Sidney Moorer’s pretrial, hand written signs lined the accused kidnapper’s front yard with his message to neighbors and Horry County officials.

Sidney Moorer was in court for nearly five hours Monday for his pretrial hearing. He’s charged with kidnapping and obstruction of justice in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

During Monday’s hearing, a judge ruled against Moorer’s defense team, saying if a trial happens, a forensic video expert may testify.

Sidney Moorer maintains his innocence and spoke exclusively to News13 about the impact the process has had on his family. Now he’s letting everyone who drives past his home know about the threats made to his children.

“My children don’t sleep well,” Moorer revealed during his one on one interview with News13. “My children’s grades have suffered; my youngest has night terrors, where he won’t sleep through the whole night without getting up, walking around, or talking in his sleep.”

Moorer’s message for Horry County now lines his lawn on poster boards.

“Where’s our protection order?” reads one sign. Another states, “Take pix. Post it and help change harassment ‘laws.’”

“It’s just amazing that people can be that hateful in one breath and then spit out the word of God the next,” Moorer explains.

In Moorer’s conversation with News13, he explained why he placed the signs outside his home.

“They threatened to set my house on fire, nail all my windows and doors shut, and walk away as we screamed to get out,” reveals Moorer.

Moorer says that’s just one of the many threats his family has received via social media and phone calls.

“My children, who are completely 100% innocent in everything, don’t know anyone, didn’t do anything, didn’t talk to anyone, didn’t do anything, were threatened to be kidnapped, mutilated, raped,” says Moorer. “They threatened to drain their blood. They threatened to eat them.”

Some of the threats made through social media, which has played a pivotal role throughout the entire Heather Elvis case, are also directed toward Tammy, Sidney Moorer’s wife, who is also charged with kidnapping Heather Elvis.

“Tammy, your father died, your fictitious baby died, Nikki is next if you don’t confess.”

Another post reads, “The fastest way to get Heather back is to kidnap the person of interest’s daughter. Do you see this Tammy and Sidney Moorer?”

“All of this has been turned in to the police. The threats, the harassing, the stalking, the following, at my house. They have the video of people at my house, and they have done nothing,” claims Moorer.

News13 reached out to Horry County Police regarding the reports of harassment, but the department was unable to give specifics, and noted every report Moorer has filed with the department is being investigated.

“People can say whatever they like about me; I don’t care. My wife and children have nothing to do with anything. They didn’t even know anyone involved in this and they were drug into this anyway,” claims Moorer.