MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Sidney Moorer appeared in court Monday for a pre-trial hearing on charges in the disappearance of Heather Elvis.

After his court appearance, Moorer spoke exclusively, one-on-one with News13’s Lucas Lalonde.

“You know you can’t talk about the case, but there’s all of this stuff going on in the background that you don’t know about,” expresses Moorer.

With a gag order in place, Moorer seemed frustrated because he can’t talk about the case, but he did talk about how it’s hurt his family. He says he’s been shot at while driving and people online have threatened his family, even his kids.

“It’s all a game. Everything’s a game, and it’s not a game. It never has been a game from the very beginning. The meanness I have seen come out of people amazes me. How you can be so mean to someone you know nothing about? About a subject you know nothing about, about something we did not do,” claims Moorer.

Since being charged, Moorer says he’s lost nearly everything he worked for.

“I busted my tail to get what I had and what I have, that’s gone. Our whole life, the way it operates is completely different,” said Moorer.

While the case goes through the legal system, Moorer says he can’t even get a job.

“If I didn’t know, and I was told the crap that was fed, spoon fed into every person’s mouth in Horry County, I’d probably would’ve believed it for a good while myself,” said Moorer.

Despite the costs, Moorer says he won’t stop fighting the charges.

“Because if I confess to something that I didn’t do, then there’s a murderer or a kidnapper or whatever, running around somewhere in this community, and no one even knows. That’s the scary part,” said Moorer.

The judge in the case wants all pretrial matters resolved by June 17 and jury selection would begin June 20. The trial will continue, if necessary, on June 27.