CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – A single mother of eight children broke ground on the site of her new home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity of Horry County on Saturday. The organization held a groundbreaking ceremony at the site in Conway, and crews have now started building the new 5-bedroom home.

“I’m like the happiest woman on earth right now. I’m not like the lady who lived in the shoe anymore, you know what I mean,” said Chyenne Hill. She and her eight children have been cramming into a 3-bedroom trailer for the last three years. “Oh my god, it’s nerve-racking but you gotta do what you got to do till you get till where you’re trying to go,” she said.

Chyenne’s a single mother, working full-time, while also attending school for two years. She says it isn’t easy, and she’s often tired but that her own mother taught her early on the importance of, “determination. Determination will take you anywhere. And I try to do the same thing and instill it in my children,” said Chyenne.

Finally, her hard work has paid off. While most applicants take up to two years to get through the Habitat for Humanity homebuyers’ program, Chyenne finished in less than a year. According to Habitat for Humanity of Horry County Administration Director Blakely Roof, “Chyenne just came in and started knocking out her hours, being on the construction sites of other homes, working in the re-store. Chyenne is one of the best budgeters we have. I always tell her ‘I want you to lead a class!’”

Chyenne says her kids actually picked the plot of their future home, which is located right at the entrance to the neighborhood. She says they had one major priority in mind -proximity to the bust stop. “At our house it’s a long way, it’s like 5 miles. And it feels like I’m about to fall down,” said daughter Tyteonna. “So that’s why I picked it close to the bus stop. So I don’t have to walk all the way there. I’m excited!”

Habitat for Humanity of Horry County plans to finish building Chyenne’s house by the end of the year, in time for Christmas.