CHARLESTON, S.C (WCBD) – Ridesharing services are educating their drivers on how to spot and stop any suspecting crime from happening, with the help of South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson.

Attorney General Wilson describes rideshare drivers as “soldiers of the war against human trafficking.”

Officials like Brittany Anthony say, users have all of the resources to maintain safety, right inside the Uber app.

“We have recently rolled out the optional pin notification, so a driver actually can’t start the trip unless they are given the four-digit pin the rider only has,” Anthony says.

Wilson says the app is a huge part of the solution.

“Once you get into a car and you notice something is going on, be familiar with the app. Understand where the emergency buttons are and looking at the app when you get in the car to identify that you are going into the right car,” says Wilson.

According to research done by Uber, human trafficking is up 40% in South Carolina.

Wilson says tourism and busy interstates across the state are some of the causes for the high percentage of human trafficking.

“This past year, Charleston, SC was ranked number two in the state for tips in human trafficking, and Horry County was ranked number one,” says Wilson.

Uber and Wilson hope that education can help South Carolinians stop a crime from happening and make fewer people statistics.