South Carolina couple fighting neighborhood HOA over Trump flag


FORT MILL, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- A Fort Mill family is fighting to keep flying their Trump flag outside their home after they say the HOA told them to take it down.

“We love our flag and we love our president,” Sarah Martin said.

Sarah Martin and Josh Yost proudly fly flags outside their home in Baxter Village, but it’s the one on the end that has the couple in hot water with their HOA.

“This was not created out of any pre-planned notion to buck the system,” said Josh Yost. “There are a variety of flags in this neighborhood from BLM flags, LGBTQ flags, country flags.”

They say they feel targeted just because their flag shows support for President Trump.

“We’re not knocking on doors complaining because we feel those people are hanging it for a reason and they are proud,” Martin said.

So far, the HOA fined the couple $150. According to a notice, the nature of the violation is for political signs that can be up 30 days before and after an election.

“A flag is not a sign. We’ve already had that conversation with them, but they sit by that it is,” Yost said.

The family started a GoFundMe, but they say it’s not about the money.

“This has nothing to do with the money but the principals, we have Americans and we have rights and it’s our home and it’s worth fighting for.”

This husband and wife say they are ready to fight to keep flying their flags.

“Our principles outweigh fines or verbal abuse that may come our way.”

Another homeowner down the street says she’s also been fined over her Trump flag and just wants more consistency in the HOA rules regarding flags.

FOX 46 did speak with an attorney for Baxter Village today who is sharing these concerns with the board.

The family has not paid the fines yet. They say whatever money is left over will be donated to first responders in Fort Mill.


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