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Google tool checks to see if your passwords have been hacked

Google has unveiled a new tool to let you know if your passwords have been hacked or stolen.

It's an extension to the Google Chrome browser called Password Checkup.

The software will monitor your various password logins through the browser and check that information against a database of hacked, stolen and otherwise compromised passwords.

When someone uses one of your passwords, Google will display a warning message urging you to change that password.

At this point, Password Checkup is available only for the Chrome web browser.

In terms of safety and security, Google uses cryptographic coding to encrypt your passwords and usernames.

If you don't use the Google Chrome browser, there are other apps that do a similar job in managing passwords and detecting fraudulent use of passwords.

They include 1Password, Dashlane and others.

To get the Google Password Checkup, simply do a search on the name "password checkup" to find the link.

For other password manager programs, search on "password manager" for links to various apps.

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