Spirit Ride stops in Myrtle Beach, honors victims of fatal roadside accidents

spirit ride_1523743535196.jpg.jpg

Community members gathered to honor those who have been killed in roadside accidents, including first responders and tow truck drivers. 

The Spirit Ride kicked off in Wilmington on Saturday, and then stopped in Myrtle Beach, where participants held a memorial ceremony. Local first responders, including Myrtle Beach Fire Rescue and the Horry County Sheriff’s Office, showed their support at the event.

Organizers say more first responders and tow truck drivers are dying while trying to rescue stranded drivers each year. The want to make people aware of the “Move Over” laws, which require drivers to move over one lane or slow down when approaching an incident on the road. 

“Respect the law that exists, but also respect their lives because they have families like us. And they want to get back to their families,” said Spirit Ride organizer Ilce Corbin

The Spirit Ride will continue across the country to the west coast for approximately a year. 

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