The hit CBS summertime drama, “Under the Dome” returns June 25th on News13. Based on Stephen King’s best selling novel and shot in nearby Wilmington, production is currently underway for season three.

The first two seasons on “Under the Dome” were filled with drama and surprises as residents of the fictional town Chester’s Mill were suddenly and inexplicably sealed off from the rest of the world by an enormous dome.

As the town combats Dome- and man-made threats, this season follows the community’s quest for answers and a seemingly viable path to freedom.

“Coming into this season we will see a lot of our characters actually outside of the Dome, but whether or not they’re really there or not is another question to answer,” says star Mike Vogel, who plays Dale “Barbie” Barbara.

Vogel says that mystery allows the series to go in exciting, new directions, “we kind of get to get into the sci-fi angle of the show this season. To me its been an interesting story line because we spent so much time getting out of here, now we found a way out, but we’re stuck and the very thing that could hurt us the most is stuck there with us.”

When pressed on exactly who or what is now lurking in, or out of the Dome, the star steered clear of any spoilers, “none that they’ll let me get away with (laughs).”

Despite an uncertain future, the shift towards sci-fi is welcomed by co-star, and self proclaimed sci-fi fan Alex Koch.

“With all of the weird stuff we’re doing now it’s really great and the sets are unbelievable,” he said.

Koch, who plays Junior Rennie, says he grew up watching Stephen King films and it’s a dream come true to not only portray one of his characters; but share it with the world, “its fun going to like comic con and seeing the fans reaction, and seeing them dressed up, it was such a surreal experience. It was just great.”

Vogel says what draws fans are the realistic portrayal of characters in an otherwise otherworldly scenario, “in that they’re characters you care about, it doesn’t lean so heavy on sci-fi, it’s the characters and the sci fi- kind of fills in behind it.”

Eddie Cahill joined the cast for season two and is back for season three. He says bringing those characters to life takes a tremendous amount of team work and professionals dedicated to their craft.

“Probably the most you feel it coming to life, is sometime between action and cut, or even in rehearsal when you have someone opposite you,” said Cahill.

He says its a great cast to work with and all the actors rely on each other to get through long days on set, “you know it’s the little things, but you’re never too far from a smile on this show.”

Season three of “Under the Dome” premieres June 25, the show airs Thursday nights at 10pm on CBS.