PHILADELPHIA (WSPA) — A Pennsylvania man and a South Carolina man have been accused of trafficking dozens of guns from South Carolina to Philadelphia.

According to the United States Attorney’s Office, Terrance Darby, 41, of Philadelphia, and Ontavious Plumer, 32, of Due West, are charged with unlicensed dealing and transport of firearms, conspiracy to engage in unlicensed dealing of firearms, and making false statements to a federally licensed firearms dealer.

The attorney’s office said Darby and Plumer conspired with at least four other people to illegally straw purchase about 60 guns from gun shops in South Carolina before driving them to Philadelphia.

Investigators said Darby would place orders with Plumer, who would then direct others to buy the guns and take them to Philadelphia.

The U.S. Attorney said this is the third set of charges in the last two months targeting illegal firearms trafficking from southern states into Philadelphia.

“With today’s charges, we have shut off yet another valve to stem the flow of guns into Philadelphia,” U.S. Attorney Jennifer Williams said. “Our Office is working with urgency and determination to get guns off the streets of our city.”

Darby also faces drug trafficking and gun possession related to methamphetamine, fentanyl and two guns found in his home in November 2021.