YOUNGSVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A new billboard in Youngsville is calling for Democratic North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood’s resignation.

Wood, the state’s auditor since 2009, is facing multiple charges after leaving the scene of a December hit-and-run crash, Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman confirmed on Wednesday.

Wood is facing a Class 2 misdemeanor for hit-and-run resulting in property damage and an infraction for unsafe movement, Freeman said. 

As of Saturday, people have reported seeing the billboard on the corner of US-1 and NC-96.

It reads, “In a hit and run and need help? Call 1-800-RESIGN” and has a link to the North Carolina Auditor’s website.

The billboard also includes a photo of Beth Wood and a cartoon image of a car on top of another car.

It is not clear who is funding the billboard or when it was originally put up.

(Photo from Patrick Archer)

According to court documents, Wood hit a parked 2016 Toyota Sedan in downtown Raleigh at 9:12 p.m. on Dec. 8, 2022. 

The documents said she turned from a direct line on South Salisbury Street and West Hargett Street while driving a 2021 Toyota Sedan and hit the vehicle. 

Andrea Cardella, a witness, was leaving work the night of the crash and described how serious it looked.

“Police were already on site by the time I had seen it. I just saw the car that was parked that got hit and then the car that had hit it was basically laying on top of the hood of the other car. Engine was still on, lights were on. It had just been kind of left there,” she said.  

Wood was charged on Dec. 12, according to court documents.

A spokesperson for Wood said Thursday that she had no comment on the matter. District Attorney Freeman declined to elaborate further on the incident. 

Wood has a court date set for Thursday.