Black bear paw print makes an impression on Outer Banks beach

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OUTER BANKS, N.C. — Black bears are excellent swimmers, and Cape Lookout National Seashore has proof.

The National Parks Service shared a photo of a large bear footprint on the shore near Ophelia Inlet along the Cape Lookout National Seashore.

They say a park biologist, who was monitoring nesting birds, spotted the footprint last week.

It’s a rare sight, but not unheard of.

One commenter theorized that the bear may have been emboldened by the lack of tourists, but NPS says this has happened before when there wasn’t a quarantine.

“Bears generally don’t stay long — this one is probably back on the mainland already — and normally aren’t a problem for our surf fishers or campers,” NPS says.

The park service asks the public to follow park regulations and make sure they are cleaning up fish and depositing fish parts in ocean or sound water away from camping spots. Also, keep all food and food trash properly stored in a secure container.

However, be bear (and raccoon!) safe — follow park regulations and insure that after cleaning your fish that all fish parts are deposited in the ocean/sound water away from your fishing/camping spot. Be sure all your food (and food trash!) is properly stored in a secure container.

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