Boy, 4, gets birthday surprise from SC lawyer

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For one little boy, his fourth birthday party was a bit unconventional.

“It all started when my son saw George’s commercials. Ever since then, Landen has been all about George Sink” Landen’s mother, Daniette Shell told the law office.

I asked my son, “Landen, what type of party do you want?”

“I want a George Sink party with all 9s,” Landen told his mom. Sink’s office uses the phone number 999-9999 to promote the law practice in television commercials.

Landen received cupcakes, giant “9” balloons and of course dressed for the occasion in a suit and tie, but the birthday party was complete with a special guest appearance by George Sink. The law firm gave the kids gifts of backpacks, water bottles, T-shirts, signed pictures of Sink – and even little red ties, like Sink wears.

“I was honored. I was moved. There’s nothing better than making a child’s day,” Sink said. “I couldn’t wait to meet Landen and wish him a happy 4th birthday!”

For one 4-year-old boy, superheroes, cartoon character or sports just couldn’t create an unforgettable birthday.

“I am happy George could make it. He really did make Laden’s birthday wish come true,” Shell said.

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