Charleston City Council passes mask mandate

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CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – On Thursday, Charleston City Council passed a resolution requiring people to wear face coverings when in public, with some exceptions. The resolution will take effect July 1 and remain for 60 days.

The vote was almost unanimous, with Harry Griffin being the lone “no” vote. He said that he was not going to impose an further requirements upon constituents until more investigation was done into the May 30 riots.

Mayor Tecklenburg said that the emphasis was on education, and law enforcement would not be the organization charged with enforcing the ordinance.

The City of Charleston Livability Code Enforcement Officers will be tasked with enforcing the order. First-time offenders will be warned; subsequent offenses will be subject to a $50.00 fine.

Businesses are not responsible for enforcing the order, but should post signage informing customers of the ordinance.

Face coverings are required for:

  • All persons entering any building open to the public in the City must wear a face covering while inside the establishment building
  • All restaurants, retail stores that include but are not limited to salons, barber shops,
    grocery stores, pharmacies, or other buildings open to the public in the City must
    require their employees to wear a face covering at all times while having face-to-face
    interaction with the public
  • While interacting with people in outdoor spaces, including, but not limited to, curbside
    pickup, delivery, and service calls
  • While providing or utilizing public or commercial transportation, including tours
  • When walking in public where maintaining a distance of six (6) feet between other
    members of public at all times is not possible
  • When participating in a permitted or allowable gathering

The following are exempt from the requirement:

  • Any person who is unable to safely wear a face covering due to age, an underlying
    health condition, or is unable to remove the face covering without the assistance of others;
  • Any person traveling in their personal vehicles
  • When a person is alone or only with other household members in an enclosed space
  • While participating in an outdoor physical activity, provided the active person
    maintains a minimum of six (6) feet from other people at all times
  • While actively drinking, eating or smoking
  • In an outdoor or unenclosed area appurtenant to retail establishments or
    foodservice establishments in which social distancing of at least six feet is possible and
  • For people whose religious beliefs prevent them from wearing a
    face covering
  • For children under 10 years old, provided that adults accompanying children
    ages two through 10 shall use reasonable efforts to cause those children to wear face
    coverings while inside the enclosed area of any retail establishment or foodservice
  • In private, individual offices
  • When complying with directions of law enforcement officers
  • In settings where it is not feasible to wear a face covering, including when
    obtaining or rendering goods or services such as the receipt of dental services or while
  • Police officers, firefighters and other first responders when not practical or
    engaged in a public safety matter of an emergency nature

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