Charlotte restaurant under fire after video shows employees cooking without masks

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Cafe Monte French Bakery and Bistro is responding to a video showing its cooks without masks in the kitchen.

FOX 46 Charlotte received a one minute, eight second video of a chef handling food without a mask, and another with a mask on his chin.

We went to the restaurant to ask management about whether what the video showing is accurate. Monte Smith, Managing Partner for Cafe Monte, confirmed the video was shot inside their restaurant.

“It is true in this video, there’s one employee not wearing a mask, and another employee who’s well beyond the social distance of 6, 7, 8 feet from many other employees, who did lower his mask to get some fresh air in the kitchen.” He added, “We do not take it lightly. It’s a high priority for us to have all of the right procedures in place.”

Smith gave FOX 46 a look inside the restaurant to show how they’re following protocols.

He pointed out sanitizer stations throughout parts of the dining room, mask and social distance enforcements, and even gave us a look inside the kitchen to show all crew members were wearing masks.

“We’ve had zero people get sick here at Cafe Monte. Zero staff members, or customers have any issues.”

Ellen Tacher, who dines at the restaurant frequently, said she’s never run across any problems.

“They implement all the CDC guidelines. I even tried to test them a little bit and they really do keep up with them,” she explained. “I’ve even been turned away at times.”

When FOX 46 reached out to the former employee who shared the video, he said he wanted to remain anonymous.

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