CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A real-life Grinch spoiled Christmas Day and the start of the new year for a non-profit organization in Charlotte.

Rebuilding Together of Greater Charlotte helps with free, critical home repairs and other projects in neighborhoods across the city, but their efforts are hindered until they find a stolen trailer filled with tools.

“They must have thought, ‘Christmas Day, we know everyone is going to be home with their families; that’s a great time to come in and steal from a charity,'” said Beth Morrison, executive director at Rebuilding Together, said.

Morrison said the trailer was filled with materials, tools and even a toilet that was supposed to be installed in one of the group’s home projects. She and other team members did everything right to protect their equipment.

“It was backed up to our dock area, and we thought, ‘there’s definitely not enough room for anybody to get into the back of the trailer,'” she said. “It’s unfortunate; all the security cameras, none of that deterred them.”

Cameras didn’t deter the crooks, either, but they did capture the whole thing, and Morrison hopes someone can recognize who was behind the wheel of a gray Toyota Tacoma.

“They came in, took them about 20 minutes in and out to unhook our trailer from our truck, hook it up to their truck, and they were on their way,” Morison said.

The group will have to slow its work down significantly until the equipment worth $7,500 is found.

“For the time being, we’ll only be able to work on one project at a time,” Morrison said.