HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) — Tons of donations have been dropped off as community members in Henderson County support the firefighters and community members affected by a wildfire that has destroyed at least two homes.

People in the community are pouring out their support in donations at the Fruitland Baptist Church and the Fruitland Baptist Bible College. Volunteers said more than 200 people are being fed at least three meals a day. A variety of drinks and snacks are being passed out as well.

“Edneyville is such a close-knit community,” said Bobby Garrett, campus director of facilities at Fruitland Baptist Bible College. “Either you’re kin to everybody here or everybody knows everybody.”

Residents even on the other side of the county said they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to help their fellow community members in need as the Poplar Drive Fire burns.

“I told him yesterday we have to help,” said Hendersonville resident Charlotte Bryant, . “That’s the only way we can help so we just started gathering stuff and here we are.”

Leaders and staff involved tell us they have been overwhelmed with the amount of donations that have come through the door.

“It is Christ-centered love,” Garrett said. “Taking care of their brothers and sisters. They are speechless a lot of times when they come in for food.”

Other community leaders tell us while the situation has been difficult, being a part of a tight-knit community coming together during a difficult time has been special.

“It has been absolutely amazing for me to see firsthand just how much support we do have here in Henderson County,” Stephanie Brackett with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office said. “It is absolutely amazing and makes me proud to be a part of it.”

Residents said they will continue to support their community for as long as needed.

“It is a very dangerous time, the lack of rain we have had this past year,” Hendersonville resident Ken Bryant said. “I know they are fighting a very difficult situation so we’re hoping and praying they will get this thing under control quickly.”