Cumberland County man says his trailer used to help sick kids was stolen

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When thieves stole a Cumberland County man’s trailer, he says they were really stealing from sick children.

“They knew what it was for, but they wanted a trailer,’ Kenneth Offenstein said.

Kenneth had a sign on the trailer that read ‘No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child.’

That saying is near to Kenneth’s heart.

Kenneth Offenstein’s trailer was built 15 years ago to help children in need

He had the trailer sitting on his property on Carl Freeman Road with a sign letting people know he was collecting cans for kids.

“When people would walk up the steps they’d drop the cans in the trailer.”

The Army veteran built the trailer himself 15 years ago, specifically to help children at Shriners Hospitals.

Kenneth Offenstein

“You try to help somebody, the kids need more help than anybody, so I try to help them every chance I get.”

Cans are still being dropped off at his property, but with no trailer to haul them to the junkyard to be traded for cash.

Surveillance footage captures the moment Offenstein’s trailer was stolen

“I’m angry I don’t have any way to collect cans no more so I just gotta give that up,” Offenstein said.

Kenneth says it was stolen Wednesday night while he was celebrating Christmas in Florida with his family.

“They didn’t only take money from me, they took money from the Shriner kids in the hospitals,” Offenstein said. “I’ll never get it off my mind, I’ll always think about it.”

Kenneth says he filed a report with the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.

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