COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — A bill increasing the penalties for bothering or feeding an alligator in South Carolina has unanimously passed the state House.

The bill would allow a $500 to $1,000 fine for people who “feed, entice, or molest” an alligator. The current fines are $100 to $150.

It also lays out specific guidelines contractors must follow when capturing alligators.

“We see required reporting of activities for people that receive the depredation permits and tags, we see the conditions being set for relocations of alligators and we see an expectation encoded into statute law,” Will Dillman, SCDNR’s Assistant Chief of Wildlife, said.

The House unanimously approved the bill, which now heads for the Senate.

The bill was written after a social media post in 2020 showed players at a Hilton Head Island mini golf course sitting on top of a restrained alligator and riding it after a crew had removed it from a nearby retaining pond. The alligator was later euthanized under state policy.

“This is what I think is perhaps a good example of responsible government responding to constituent requests,” Rep. Jeff Bradley, Republican from Hilton Head Island and author of the bill, said.

A screenshot of the video was shown in the House by bill supporters before the vote.

“We don’t want to get anybody hurt in this state,” Rep. Bill Hixon, a Republican from North Augusta.