GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (CNN/WSPA) – Drag queen story hour drew more spirited protests and counter protests outside the event when it returned on Sunday.

The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office had several temporary rules in place during the event at Five Forks Library in Simpsonville after some social media threats were made. The event had been canceled due to an issue with posting tickets on a site, but returned on Sunday.

“On behalf of God, we’re asking him to move this totally out of our community, that we just don’t think it’s a healthy situation,” said one protestor.

Rylee Hunty, a reader at the event and one of the organizers, said, “There’s more people in this community that are behind us than you think there is.”

The event is put on by the Mom’s Liberal Happy Hour of South Carolina. The group says the story hour promotes kindness, confidence and tolerance. But some parents are concerned about the event. 

God loves us all, but not drag queens,” said the protester, “I mean, God doesn’t tolerate the sins of the people. And drag queens do not need to be reading to our kids.”

Hunty said, “It really let everybody know the petition wasn’t going to work.”