ROCK HILL, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The Rock Hill Police Department is partnering with state and federal agencies to find a drive-by shooting killer.

Police said Alexis Massey, 20, was killed on Hagins Street on May 10, 2021. Rock Hill Police said the suspect or suspects fired at least a dozen shots and one of them hit Massey.

Authorities believe someone in a black Nissan Versa between 2010 and 2014 is involved in the shooting.

For the first time in recent memory, Rock Hill Police, York County Coroner’s Office, SLED, and ATF are creating the “Alexis Massey Task Force” to find the killer or killers.

Investigators have collected DNA and physical evidence from the crime scene near Hagins and Getty streets. Rock Hill Police Chief Chris Watts said investigators have also scanned phones, but police believe someone knows something but they’re too scared to speak up.

“Investigators know that it is difficult to come forward with information,” Watts said. “Investigators want this person to know that they may be the person in the position to help prevent another individual from being injured or killed.”

Police said Massey was living in Spartanburg, SC at the time of the shooting. She was visiting her home in the City of Rock Hill for Mother’s Day when she was killed around 11:30 at a party on Hagins Street.

“Massey was an innocent bystander killed by senseless gunfire,” Chief Watts said. “She was shot while doing nothing more than talking to a friend.”

Massey’s family spent their first Mother’s Day without her and they are still feeling the pain. Her family said Massey was the talented owner of ‘Blessed by Lexxx,’ a hair studio in Spartanburg. She also had dreams of pursuing real estate.

“What you have taken away from us is our joy of supporting and watching a successful black woman prosper into a woman she needed and wanted to be,” Victoria, Massey’s sister said.

A year after the murder, police have not made any arrests. Authorities hope this task force produces leads that can help solve the case. The ATF is offering a $5,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest.

Representatives from Rock Hill City Council said gun violence is a common problem in the community.

“There’s no one size fits all solution,” Derrick Lindsay, a councilman from Ward 1 said. “We were just talking about how the kids are getting these guns and we found a source for how kids are getting guns and bypassing the law.”

Lindsay said the council will continue working on the bigger picture approach to policies that can reduce gun crime. Meanwhile, Massey’s family hopes this task force answers lingering questions.

“What if this was your sister? What if this was your aunt?” Keisha, Massey’s sister asked. “My son still cries to this day, it’s still it’s hard for us. She didn’t deserve that. It was like she was robbed from her life.”

Councilman Lindsay said Rock Hill police have been using new cameras in certain neighborhoods to help track when suspicious cars are in the area.

On the night Massey was killed, there were no cameras nearby. If you know anything that can help the police solve this case, you can give information anonymously at the hotline at 803-329-5596.