CRAWFORD COUNTY, ARKANSAS (WCBD) — A video showing a Lowcountry man being beaten by three Arkansas law enforcement officers is drawing national scrutiny as evidence in the investigation has been turned over to the FBI.

State and local leaders are calling for a thorough investigation into the officers’ actions following the video’s viral circulation.

Randall Worcester is the Goose Creek man who was attacked by two Arkansas sheriff’s deputies and a police officer. He ended up in the hospital and one officer also was injured in the incident.

“Everything concerns me about this case,” Crawford County Sheriff Jim Damante said. “So yeah, everything about it (is concerning), and I’m looking into it.”

Reports said it all started when Worcester spit on a store clerk and allegedly threatened them before the clerk called 911.

“Conduct that appears in the video that is circulating is not indicative of the Crawford County Sheriff’s Department,” Damante said.

Damante responded to criticism on Monday, saying that the incident isn’t consistent with his agency’s training. None of the officers involved were wearing body cameras, but the sheriff said dash cam video provides more information than the viral video.

“When they were going to take him into custody is when he started to fight,” Damante said. “He became violent. They admitted that they had to use force to subdue him, yes.”

Worcester is facing several charges, including battery, assault, and terroristic threatening. Attorney Carrie Jernigan is representing Worcester and is calling for her client to be released or transferred.

“Our Fourth Amendment protects us against what you saw in that video, and that is why swift action has to be taken,” Jernigan said.

The involved officers are on paid administrative leave pending an outcome of the review.

“I hold my people accountable, and I will take, I give my word, I will take appropriate actions whatever they are,” Damante said.

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson addressed the media Monday afternoon regarding the incident saying he’s reviewing the video and has talked with Damante. Hutchinson is calling for a fair investigation.