RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The fiancé of a woman who was killed in a Raleigh mass shooting last month spoke at the Raleigh City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

The Oct. 13 shooting in the Hedingham neighborhood and a nearby walking trail left five people dead. Two people were also injured.

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Mary Marshall, 34, had her wedding day set for Oct. 29, but instead, her funeral was held that day.

Her fiancé, Robert Steele, criticized city leaders and Wake County at the Tuesday meeting about not having “an emergency alert system for ongoing violent crime in our city.”

He said the system would be easy to implement. Steele also said such a system “probably would have saved the life” of his fiancé.

“The blame for that is partly on you — I am calling here and now for your immediate resignation and I have them here ready for you to sign,” Steele said as he held up several papers.

Many in the crowd clapped in support of Steele’s comments.

Marshall’s friends and family described her as someone with an infectious laugh, intense fear of spiders, determination to follow her dreams and an open heart to everyone around her.