FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Fayetteville resident Ian Lopez spotted a paratrooper in distress on Tuesday while he was driving home from the store.

“When we pulled up to the house, I saw that he was coming this way and I jumped out of the car. I ran all the way over here,” Lopez said. “[I] came around that corner right up here. He was laying here in the road after he had clipped the house.”

Fort Bragg confirmed two paratroopers landed in a Hoke County neighborhood near Highway 40. They somehow missed the intended drop zone.

One even crashed into the roof of a home causing paramedics to rush one to the hospital who was in critical condition. The other was treated for minor injuries at the scene. Both are assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group.

“I was just glad he didn’t end up over the highway,” Lopez said.

This is the latest training incident involving Fort Bragg soldiers to go wrong in the last few weeks.

In April, some soldiers were treated for heat exhaustion. Lopez is just glad what happened Tuesday didn’t turn out any worse.

“I’ve never seen a situation like that. I am just glad it wasn’t worse,” he said.

Training was suspended on Tuesday and resumed on Wednesday.