Gov. McMaster reopens boat ramps, plans group to create best practices to get businesses moving again

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McMaster said he fully expects the economy to be back in business by that time

COLUMBIA, SC (WBTW) – Gov. McMaster issued an executive order to reopen public boat ramps and said he is putting together a group to come up with best practices that will revitalize the economy.

The group, will include leaders from various industries, agencies, and lawmakers to work together to come up with best practices to “get business humming again.” 

“To do so immediately, to do so too quickly, would be reckless,” McMaster said, “and if we had a return of the spread of the virus, it would be virtually impossible for us to turn the system around again.”

The plan, called Accelerate South Carolina, will be announced next week, McMaster said. “That is to accelerate, to find the best practices to get us back working at full speed and to ramp back up before the virus came along.”

McMaster also said the state will have a system for contact tracing and testing by then.

In opening the boat ramps, McMaster cautioned people to watch their social distancing not to have any large gatherings. “Do the things we’ve asked you to do before and we’ll be fine,” he said. The revision specifies the boat landings and associated parking areas can be opened at the discretion of the local government or other managing authorities of those landings.

McMaster said he sees no reason to postpone primaries on June 9. “We think our peak will be in early May,” he said.

The state’s ‘stay home or stay at work’ order remains active. That means non-essential businesses will remain closed, no public gatherings, and no trips to the beach.

McMaster also proposed a solution to the General Assembly that would keep the state’s government from shutting down amid the pandemic. Read his full letter here.

“As you know, last week they left without passing a continuing resolution to keep the government from closing down,” he said. “It’s difficult for them all to come back to the statehouse before May the 14th, which is the normal date the general assembly would adjourn.”

Gov. McMaster said that is likely when South Carolina will be at its peak regarding the virus and said the General Assembly should not return until June, before the end of the fiscal year.

McMaster said he fully expects the economy to be back in business by that time.

“They can come in then and pass that continuing resolution and any other important matters. That way the government will not shut down, we will have no concerns about having the government shutdown.”

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