Group looking into legalized casinos, gambling in South Carolina

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COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – Researchers are looking into legalized casinos and other forms of gambling in South Carolina.

On Monday, the Palmetto Forum for Gaming Studies held its first of several statewide meetings.

The independent, non-partisan organization studied the effects of gambling. They are also looking at where gaming revenue could be spent.

“Most people felt that some of that revenue should be earmarked for the local community and shouldn’t all go to the state,” said Jim Rex, co-chair of the organization. “It probably harkens back to your experiences with hospitality taxes down here.”

Right now, the only ways to legally gamble in South Carolina are by playing the Education Lottery and the “Big M Casino” boats in Little River.

Legalizing other forms of gambling would likely require amending the state constitution.

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