WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — More details have emerged about a group that Winston-Salem police say is responsible for chaos last week at the Target store on Hanes Mall Boulevard.

Police said two men from Fremont, Ohio, and one man from Marion, North Carolina — all connected to an Ohio-based group known as “Dads Against Predators” — were at the center of the incident.

According to Winston-Salem police, Jay Carnicom, 28, Joshua Mundy, 29, and Jason Chipps went inside the store to confront a 25-year-old man they had lured there by making him think he was meeting someone underage.

The group started filming the man, who then slapped a phone out of one of the “D.A.P” member’s hands, police said. That led to a fight, and the man fired his gun, hitting Carnicom in the leg. The group then took the man’s gun and ran.

According to the assistant chief of the Fremont Police Department, Carnicom went to a local area hospital to seek treatment for the gunshot wound.

The assistant chief said he wasn’t surprised when he got word the group was involved in the situation, adding that he has dealt with them for years. He said they have been banned from various grocery stores in Ohio because their meet-ups often turn into physical violence.

The assistant chief acknowledged that the group has brought awareness to a problem but said his department can’t condone its tactics.

FOX8 reached out to Mundy to get his side of the story. In a message, he could not go into details but that his group has been cooperating with the investigation and maintains they did not do anything wrong.

In a post on Mundy’s Instagram, he said he is “heavily considering retiring and removing myself from the field.”

Fremont police said Mundy and Carnicom do not have any past charges related to D.A.P activities.

Winston-Salem police have not filed any charges against the people involved and say this is still an active and open investigation.