(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Animal advocates are horrified by video from Lake Wylie that they say shows jet skiers allegedly intentionally running over geese.

Members of an animal rescue group said they’re likely more aware of this type of crime happening more often recently because more people are recording it on their phones.

On July 3 in the Tega Cay area of Lake Norman, someone pulled out their phone and got video of jet skiers making circles around a flock of geese. It appears that the jet ski goes over the geese and then turns around and comes back.

“I saw one dive under the water, which they do if they’re in really severe danger, so they were just absolutely terrified,” said Jennifer Gordon, executive director of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue.

“To have somebody just deliberately chase him down and try to hurt him, just is horrifying to me,” Gordon said.

Jet skiers or boaters intentionally running over geese fortunately is not common, according to rescuers.

“They topped it off for the last couple of years, probably the worst thing I’ve seen,” Gordon said.

But another disturbing trend is happening way more often now.

“This car went right over him, so he was just rolling underneath the car,” said Gordon, showing Queen City News an injured goose.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue picked up a goose Tuesday from an incident in Charlotte.

The caller told them the animal was intentionally hit by a car.

The same thing happened to a baby goose that’s leg was injured in Summerville, South Carolina. The rescue group said someone saw a driver in South Carolina swerve intentionally to hit a whole family of geese.

“When somebody just gasses it through a flock of geese, you know they’re doing it on purpose,” Gordon said.

Rescuers said they’re now seeing four of five times more cases involving drivers hitting geese on purpose.

They think the crime may not actually be happening more often but that people are recording and reporting it now.

“The best thing you can do is to film it, and then we have the evidence we need,” said Gordon.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue said most likely the geese on Lake Wylie died.

Some boaters looked along the shoreline after the incident, and they did not find any injured geese.

Animal advocates contacted police, but they said they were told there is not much police can do if they don’t have names or any other information on the jet skiers.