CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Yet another fight broke out during Sunday’s Panthers game in the stands of Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte.

Queen City News obtained video of what appears to be two fans attacking each other.

One of the people who recorded the altercation, George Culpepper, said he was there with his 13-year-old daughter for her very first game, and is worried she will now remember the experience for all the wrong reasons.

“Keep pounding means that we keep pounding for football, not on each other,” Culpepper said.

He said it all began when men in black jerseys started vaping during the game and smoke began to spread throughout the section.

Smoking of any kind is prohibited at the BofA stadium. 

Culpepper said he alerted security, but the men allegedly denied it when they were confronted by security.

“I felt that if security would have done their due diligence to remove those guys, none of that would have happened,” he said.

During the fourth quarter, Culpepper said a man in khakis confronted the two men about their rowdy behavior. This confrontation began the fight.

“The police did say they broke his nose and are trying to identify who those two individuals are,” Culpepper said.

This is at least the second time physical altercations have happened at the stadium this season. 

During FanFest, wide receiver DJ Moore personally jumped into the stands to break up a fight.

Now, fans like Culpepper want the Panthers to make an example out of misbehaved attendees by banning them from future games.

“It was a family environment. Our children should not have to be subjected to that type of unwarranted behavior from grown adults,” Culpepper said.

Queen City News is waiting to hear back from CMPD about whether they have identified the individuals involved in the fight and if any charges are forthcoming. 

Queen City News has also reached out to stadium managers for comment on the situation.