HAMPTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Attorneys have filed a lien against properties owned by the former CEO of Palmetto State Bank, Russell Laffitte, in a case connected to suspended attorney Alex Murdaugh.

Laffitte served as personal representative and conservator for the estate and assets of HaKeem Pinckney, who died in 2011. Alex Murdaugh served as counsel for the Pinckney family in their wrongful death settlement.

The filing comes just days after Laffitte listed his Varnville, South Carolina home on the market for roughly $550,000. The filing also lists six Hampton County properties.

Attorneys, including Justin Bamberg, claim Laffitte “breached his fiduciary duties” which resulted in theft and loss of personal injury settlement funds, totaling $800,000, owed to the Pinckney estate.

They say Laffitte received “ill-gotten conservator fees” through monetary payments from Pinckney’s funds by then-attorney Alexander Murdaugh of more than $60,000, of which Laffitte was responsible and not approved for payment by the Hampton County Probate Court.

The funds, they said, were used to manage, improve and benefit properties listed in the filing, including the Varnville home.

The Pinckneys are alleging roughly $800,000 in death settlement money went missing.