Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Dam Reconstruction working after days of rain

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MAXTON, N.C. (WBTW) — After more than a year of construction, the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center Dam Reconstruction Proves to be working as anticipated after days of rain.  

The Lumbee Tribal Administration has closely monitored the rising water around the Lumbee Tribe Cultural Center following the recent heavy rains.

During the most recent storms, water was flowing over the emergency spillway, which shows the reconstruction is proving effective. The three spillway areas are moving the water away from the Cultural Center Lake.

This is the first time the second spillway has opened up at the Cultural Center from heavy rains since the dam was rebuilt in 2019.

Matt Locklear, Project Manager for the Cultural Center Lake Dam Project, said that when the water in the lake reaches a certain elevation, the emergency spillway will activate, which means water will start flowing through it.

“It is built at a certain height to provide drainage relief and feeds into a drainage canal which runs into the river. This provided temporary and emergency relief when the water level reaches a certain point to keep the water from overtopping and the dam from breaching,” said Locklear.

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