LUMBERTON, N.C. (WBTW) — A Lumberton restauranteur said he was targeted by North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement who wanted to shut down a drag show brunch the business hosted.

The owner of Top That Dessert Bar, 27-year-old Justin Herring, has been charged with the sale of alcoholic beverages without ABC permits, possessing alcoholic beverages for sale without ABC permits, the unauthorized possession of spirituous liquor and for the possession non-taxpaid alcoholic beverages, according to Erin Bean, a spokesperson for NCALE.

Bean said that the NCALE Southeastern District received complaints about an event at the business, which is not licensed by ABC, about a brunch with alcoholic beverages. Agents obtained search warrants and seized alcohol, Bean said.

Jamie Hunt, 48, who was providing armed security for the event, was cited for not being licensed by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, according to Bean.

Herring told News13 that he was previously cited in April for selling Jack Daniels malt beverages inside of a cored pineapple as a one-day special.

“That entire situation was handled super quietly and no one in the public knew about it unless I personally told them,” he said in a written statement. “However, after going through that, I wanted to make sure I never had to experience it again.”

After deciding to host a drag show brunch, Herring said he reached out to the same officer in December, and was told that as long as the mimosas were complimentary, he was fine as long as he was not making a profit off the sparkling wine.

Herring said that on Saturday NCALE came into the bar in the middle of the show and said that he was in violation of the law because he was selling tickets to the event, which meant they were technically paying for the mimosas.

“Regardless, I, along with at least 95% of my attendees (that I have personally spoken to) believe this was a way to get my event shut down especially since it has been a targeted event since I first announced it this past January,” Herring said. “Did I break the law? Apparently so. Was this a targeted event that has gone public because of what type of event it is? Absolutely.”

He said the move by authorities was to “satisfy the masses.”

Herring has previously said that he had received death threats over the drag show events.

He said that customers were afraid to use the restrooms when NCALE were there.

“No police presence should be so strongly felt to make innocent bystanders be afraid to continue living,” Herring said.

He said that March’s drag show will continue. Tickets will be free, he said, since he can’t charge and give away mimosas.