WASHINGTON, D.C. — Georgia Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene sparred with fellow Republican Nancy Mace of South Carolina on Twitter Tuesday after Mace criticized Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert for anti-Muslim remarks made about Minnesota Rep. Ilan Omar.

Boebert came under fire over Thanksgiving weekend when a video surfaced of her saying that she and a staffer were in a Capitol elevator when a Capitol Police officer came running by. She then noticed Omar standing nearby and reportedly said “Well, she doesn’t have a backpack. We should be fine.”

Omar has denied that the encounter happened, accusing Boebert of fabricating the story.

Mace appeared on CNN and condemned Boebert’s remarks, which prompted Greene to tweet at Mace on Tuesday morning dubbing her “the trash in the GOP Conference.”

Mace shot back with a series of profane emojis and an attempt to correct Greene’s suggestion that Mace does not face criticism from “the Left.”

Greene later tweeted that she talked to former president Donald Trump about Mace. Mace responded by saying Greene can’t stand on her own two feet and had to “tattletale” on her.

Boebert has since apologized for her anti-Muslim remarks and said she reached out to Omar’s office to speak with her directly. However, a phone call between the two ended abruptly when Boebert reportedly refused to publicly apologize.