McMaster assembles team of experts to help move SC past coronavirus crisis

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COLUMBIA, SC (WSPA)- There were 2 big takeaways from Governor Henry McMaster’s Monday press conference. First, the governor called for the reopening of some non-essential businesses. McMaster then announced the creation of a new team to help the state return to a sense of normalcy while continuing to fight the coronavirus.

“We have to be ready to accelerate as fast as we can and as safely as we can,” said Governor McMaster Monday announcing the reopening of many businesses in the state.

In that press conference the governor also announced the creation of “Accelerate South Carolina.” The team will focus on getting people back to work safely amidst the corornavirus.

Sheriff Leon Lott of Richland County explained, ” Businesses and companies, schools, educators law enforcement to see what we can do to help out.”

Accelerate SC is divided into 4 subgroups; response,protection, governance and resources. Nephron Pharmaceuticals makes respiratory drugs and is part of the team’s response group. CEO Lou Kennedy expressed her goals of being a part of the team.

“That we get as many people as tested as possible so we can separate the ill from the well and that way we can have great confidence in getting the businesses back up and operational,” said Kennedy.

The SC Hospital Association has a similar mission in its role on the team’s protection group.

Christian Soura outlined the insight SCHA will be able to provide the team. “My goal is to make sure that we take a measured and responsible approach as we return to a normal cadence so this means making sure we have enough personal protection equipment, making sure we have enough hospital beds in case we see a resurgence.”

The resources team will focus on just that needed resources to get businesses back up and running. While members of the governance team will work with the governor to both shape and enforce policies.

Sheriff Lott added, ” The virus hasn’t gone away so we will still have some restrictions but advising the governor on how that will effect not only what we do fighting crime but the state moving forward.”

Senators from Darlington, Greenville, and Beaufort counties have also been appointed to the team. Accelerate SC will hold its first meeting Thursday.


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