NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A statue that went missing from the Boy Scouts was found cut up at a scrap metal facility.

Leaders with the Boy Scouts said investigators contacted them Wednesday morning and informed them that pieces were found at the facility.

“They haven’t even had a chance to process what’s happened here but we do know that the statue most likely has been destroyed,” said Jason Smith, the scout executive for the Coastal Carolina Council.

The discovery came as fire crews responded to a large fire that involved multiple vehicles at B & D Scrap Metal off Stokes Avenue.

There are no pictures of the pieces of the statue, but the North Charleston Police Department confirmed the findings to News 2.

“While the statue’s gone for now, as an organization we’ve stood for over 10 years on the values that are scouting. The statue, while it was important to us and a symbol of our organization, doesn’t define who we are. We’ll continue to do the good work that we’ve always done statue or no statue,” Smith said.

A staff member discovered the large bronze statue went missing from the Coastal Carolina Council BSA Service Center in North Charleston after the Memorial Day weekend. It was last seen on Friday.

The council will most likely have to replace the statue and are planning to contact the sculptor.

“The decision to move forward is probably not going to be a quick one because it’s going to be an expensive undertaking if we do that. Possibly the community rallies and we come up with a way to do that,” said Chris Staubes, the president of the Coastal Carolina Council.

It’s unclear how the statue was discovered or if it’s connected to the fire.