SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The mother of a man murdered by serial killer Todd Kohlhepp is suing the man who purchased guns for Kohlhepp and the store that sold the firearms.

Cindy Coxie, mother of Johnny Coxie, filed the lawsuit against Dustan Lawson and Academy Sports.

Johnny Coxie was one of seven people Kohlhepp admitted to murdering.

Cindy Coxie claimed the store was negligent in selling weapons to Dustan Lawson.

Lawson, who was accused of being Kohlhepp’s gun supplier, pleaded guilty to 36 federal charges, many involving guns, more than a year ago.

Lawson admitted to buying guns at places like Academy Sports in his name then transferring them to Kohlhepp.

A judge heard Academy Sport’s motion to dismiss the suit Friday morning on the grounds that the retailer was protected under a Federal Law that gives the gun industry immunity from lawsuits known as PACAA.

Attorney Jonathan Lowy is representing Coxie, and presented the Judge Mark Hayes today with a binder of other similar court cases.

Judge Hayes did not rule today, but did say in court “To understand what these facts mean, it seems like this case has to proceed to discovery.”

Meanwhile, the same judge heard from Kala Brown’s attorney who requested the court approve the dispersal of funds to the victims.

“Because Kayla is still alive, still obviously struggling to heal from her injuries, it was agreed that she would get 50% of the assets and then the other claimants would divide the other 50% equally among them,” said Attorney David Wyatt.

So far the court appointed receiver has collected $350,000 which should be distributed in a matter of weeks.