NC dad finds 3 teens passed out in running car – his message after the discovery

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APEX, N.C. (WNCN) – What Mike Rusher witnessed Monday evening in Apex changed his life.

“It’s little old Apex,” said Rusher. “I mean, this stuff’s not supposed to happen here, but certainly goes to show it can happen anywhere and it is happening everywhere.”

Rusher was driving home after buying diapers for his daughter when he came across something unexpected.

“A car was waiting to turn left to get on to Highway 55 so when I passed it -what really jumped out to me was I heard cars honking their horns, cars making some weird maneuvers to get around the stopped vehicle,” Rusher said.

He said he rubbernecked a bit as he drove by and saw young people that were just slumped over in their seats passed out.

The father said when he first saw the teens he thought they were just fooling around, but for some reason, he felt like he needed to go back and check.

“When I walked up to the vehicle I saw two passengers and the driver, all three of them were just passed out,” Rusher said. “The car was running, it was in drive, and the driver’s foot was just resting on the brake pedal.”

With the passenger window open, Rusher tried to call out to the teens, but got no response so he dialed 911.

“A fire truck pulled up with horns blaring and nobody in the car moved still,” Rusher said.

Rusher said it wasn’t until police began moving the teens that they came to.

He watched as police pulled out, what he believes, looked like drugs and paraphernalia.

“I don’t know exactly what it was but to come up on a vehicle with windows down that had all three passengers totally zonked out was very alarming,” explained Rusher. “To see such young people impacted by potentially opioids or other drugs it’s such a letdown it hits you right in your heart.”

Rusher said no one else stopped to help and that’s exactly why he wanted to share this message.

“When you see something that looks off, check into it and if you have an opportunity to help somebody jump on it immediately because who knows what’ll happen a few minutes later.”

News13’s sister station CBS 17 reached out to Apex police and they confirmed what took place.

The Apex Fire Department says they did respond to a call for service Monday evening and treated two patients.

No word yet on how those teens are doing or what may have put them in that condition.


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