NC school bus drops 2 kids off at wrong place, kids walk quarter-mile home

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PITT COUNTY, NC (WNCT) – A Pitt County mother is looking for answers today after her children had to walk a quarter of a mile home from where their school bus dropped them off.

“I was livid, I was scared to death. All I could think is what if my children were hit by a car, what if there was a car crash, what if a semi had come along,” said Virginia Kirk, the concerned mother.

Kirk’s neighbor took a video of the two kids walking down the road.

The children are 8 and 11 years old.

“Even though they told the bus driver it was not their house, she said, ‘well this is where you were assigned to get off, you have to walk,'” said Kirk.

Blackjack-Simpson Road has no sidewalks, a narrow shoulder, and deep drainage ditches on both sides.

“[her children] don’t even go across the street to check the mail because the traffic can be really dangerous here,” said Kirk.

Kirk hasn’t been able to get any answers from the school or county officials on why this happened and is nervous it could happen again.

“They have always been picked up and dropped off in front of the house, with the door opening towards the location of the house. It should go back to that way,” said Kirk.

Now, Kirk is warning other Pitt County parents to check their children’s bus drop off location.

News13’s sister station WNCT reached out to the transportation department at Pitt County Schools.

While they didn’t have any comment on this specific incident, they issued this statement:

Pitt County Schools is always working to improve our transportation system and procedures in order to ensure the most efficient and safe routes while also following state law. During the first ten days of school, we will do whatever is necessary to transport all students to and from school while also addressing bus routes as needed. Bus routes are routinely affected by changes such as new students enrolling, new stops added, and road construction. A great resource for information on laws governing community bus stops, private access roads, stop arm procedures and others is As always, we appreciate the community’s support and patience as we continue to keep safety is our top priority for all students.


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