NC teen goes viral following act of kindness at Phillies-Braves game

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46)- A simple act of kindness can go a long way and local 14-year-old Joshua Scott is an example of that.

“I think that’s just how we were brought up my dad is a very generous guy,” Joshua told FOX 46. “If we see anybody in need of help, we’ll always help.”

Joshua and his dad James were at the Braves-Phillies game Friday when Freddie Freeman hit a home run ball in their direction. Joshua missed the catch.

“It was definitely embarrassing. I can say the ball was coming in hot but I definitely should have caught that,” Joshua said.

When someone tried to toss is back to Joshua, he missed it a second time. His dad James was surprised his son missed catching the ball twice. He jokingly covered his head with his hoodie in the video posted by the Braves.

“After watching it on replay I was like, ‘he was holding onto the rail not trying to fall in the ball pit.’ so I felt a little bit bad just, just a little bit,” James said.

What Joshua did next has now gone viral. After getting the missed ball back, the young Phillies fan gave the ball to a younger Atlanta Braves fan–a Freddie Freeman fan to be specific.

“I realized, ‘hey, I can just give him the ball because I don’t like Freddie Freeman,’” Joshua said. “I do like him now but at the time I was like I only support the Phillies.”

His support for the team got him a visit from the national league MVP before his award ceremony, some one-on-one time with the player, and a baseball signed by him and Phillies star Bryce Harper.

“It means a lot, I love Bryce harper and I love Freddie Freeman too now,” Joshua said. “He came out and was like ‘thank you for doing the right thing.’ He was like ‘keep doing it.’ He said ‘l love what you’re doing’ and I thanked him.”

Scott’s family is known throughout Charlotte for their acts of kindness through serving in their community. As founders of the non-profit Freedom Within Walls, the group feeds over 1,000 children in the Charlotte-Metro and South Carolina upstate areas.

James is also the pastor of The Exchange Church and said he’s proud of his son for showing kindness.

“This is Joshua’s natural rhythm, this is the rhythm of his life, James said “I just love the fact that the world is getting a chance to see who he really is and who he has always been.”

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