HENDERSON COUNTY, N.C. (WSPA) — A report from the district attorney’s office states that no charges will be filed in the December 2021 accidental shooting that left a 3-year-old dead.

The incident happened near a residence on Spicer Grove Road in Henderson County. Three-year-old Aylee Gordon died on Dec. 29 from an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound on Christmas Day.

Henderson Co. child dies following accidental shooting on Christmas Day

A report from the office of the District Attorney for the North Carolina 42nd Prosecutorial District states that on the day of the incident, Gordon’s parents took her and her siblings down the paved road from their home on Spicer Grove Road to play with their presents.

Just prior to driving down the road, Gordon’s older family member, without the parents’ knowledge, placed a loaded and holstered gun in the passenger-side door storage slot of the truck to temporarily store the weapon, the report states.

The report adds that after about an hour of playing with the presents down the road, Aylee was placed in the passenger seat of the truck to head back to the house. In the brief moment following, a gunshot was heard and the family rushed to get her medical attention.

“I am completely convinced Aylee Gordon was killed due to the accidental discharge of a Glock Model 43 9 millimeter pistol while she handled the firearm,” District Attorney Andrew Murray stated.

Gordon survived emergency surgery, but was declared brain dead and removed from life support on Dec. 28.

Murray states in the report that while the family member made “a terrible decision,” no North Carolina laws were violated as a result. That’s because the family member did not reside at the same residence as Aylee, and was not her parent or supervisor.

“Based on all the facts and evidence in this matter, I have determined that the death of Aylee Gordon was a catastrophic accident resulting from the improper storage of a loaded and unsecured firearm,” Murray concluded.