WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (WGHP) — A Winston-Salem Bojangles was shut down on Wednesday for multiple health code violations, according to a health department closure document.

The Bojangles is located at 3411 Olivers Crossing Drive and has had its permit to operate suspended.

“You must cease operations immediately and cannot operate your establishment while your permit is suspended,” the closure document states.

The Bojangles will remain closed until the health department determines that all of the violations have been corrected.

The closure document states the restaurant couldn’t keep food at the proper temperature because a door was missing near the area where the food was prepared.

A sink for employees to wash their hands was reportedly not maintained properly.

The Bojangles was also cited for having unsanitary equipment, utensils and linens and for violating water, plumbing and waste guidelines.

The report says most of the dishes checked had flour residue on them, including sheet pans, drink nozzles, stainless pains buckets and squeeze bottles.

Workers had to throw away a pan of chicken at the drive-thru pack station, eggs that were kept as a liquid at the grill, bacon and country ham that was kept in drawers under the grill and fries that were not properly labeled,

The Bojangles was ordered to contact pest control for flies.

A box of Bo-tato rounds was on the floor next to the stand-up freezer, and an employee was not wearing a hair restraint and another had a long, unrestrained ponytail, according to the inspection report.

Utensils used for dispensing food were being stored in “unclean” spaces, inspectors said. A bag of clean linen was also found stored on the raw chicken breading station.

The report also states that cleaning was needed on toilets and urinals.