HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — An Orange County deputy rescued two young siblings from drowning Sunday after a boy vanished and his sister went in the water to look for him, officials said.

The incident began when a 7-year-old boy with special needs disappeared, according to a news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. The boy’s older sister went to look for her brother.

Orange County Deputy Joseph Winecoff responded to search for the children and found the boy “neck-deep in water along with his sister,” who was trying to save him, the news release said.

“Deputy Winecoff did not hesitate to remove his belt and vest and jump in, the news release said. “He rescued the children and both of them are doing fine now.”

Orange County Sheriff Charles Blackwood wrote in a Facebook post thanking Winecoff “for your heroism today.”

“This was the best outcome we could hope for!” Blackwood said.

Winecoff, who is from Hillsborough and attended North Carolina State University, joined the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in 2012.