BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) — A night on the job for a few Benson police officers turned highly unusual when one officer said a man in a white truck pulled up next to them, severely bleeding from his face, arms and wrist.

County records show the man suspected in the assault is charged with second-degree kidnapping and assault inflicting serious injury.

On July 23, officers were in a Days Inn parking lot off of North Honeycutt Street when the man arrived in a white utility truck, according to an incident report by Officer Andrew Benson.

When Benson exited his car to see how he could help the man with medical attention, the man said he had just been “kidnapped, ‘pistol-whipped,’ beaten with a baseball bat, bitten on the ear and that someone was currently breaking into a residence” less than a mile away.

The victim later said he had been “kept hostage in a dog pen” behind the home of 41-year-old Johnathan Eugene Bass for three to four hours. He said Bass had “shot a handgun beside his head”, according to the report.

Adding to his recount of the incident, the victim said he was forced to get naked and get into a kid-sized pool within the dog pen. He said Bass also hit him with a baseball bat on the left wrist which was later confirmed to be broken by Johnston County EMS.

The victim gave the officers the location of the house, which is near a Valero gas station on W. Main Street.

Benson went to locate the house while another officer tended to the victim When Benson arrived at Bass’ home with another officer, they spotted Bass on the porch.

Bass was visibly upset and asked for them to get off his property, according to the report.

Officers said they noticed a shotgun and baseball bat on the corner of the porch. They restrained Bass after he continued to be uncooperative. Benson’s police report said Bass warned the officers that if they used the restraints on him that it would “be a bad day” for them.

The police report said officers found two pocket knives on Bass while patting him down.

While searching Bass’ home, police said they found a bullet entry hole on the side of the house where the victimtold them the gunfire had occurred near his head.

Bass was initially charged with assault inflicting serious injury and simple assault and was taken to the Benson Police Department. Benson wrote in his report that leg shackles were put on Bass after he maneuvered his cuffed hands to the front of his body.

Bass was later transported to Johnston County Jail and officers returned to the home to seize the shotgun, several shotgun shells and two pocket knives as evidence.