GREENSBORO, N.C. (WGHP) — Dozens of people gathered in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Friday for a prayer rally against a controversial local after-school Satan club.

Greensboro police had officers stationed at Joyner Elementary School to make sure things stayed under control. About 50 people gathered with signs in hand, and some got on bended knees to pray.

“Kind of a rallying thing to say ‘We here in Greensboro do not want this in our schools,'” organizer Tempe Moore said.

The group said it wants to keep the after-school Satan club from gathering inside Joyner Elementary School or any Guilford County school.

Flyers went out last week to students advertising the club, which was slated to start on Friday at Joyner Elementary School.

“We’re not trying to endorse Satanism or criticize other religious organizations,” Lucien Greave, cofounder of the Satanic Temple, said. “Our club focuses on critical thinking, scientific rationalism.”

Guilford County Schools’ chief of staff said the club is under review.

Greaves said the Temple never starts a club where it doesn’t have followers and supporters to put in one place. But Moore said she hopes Friday’s rally encourages churches elsewhere to “take a stand” against the clubs.

There are four after-school Satan clubs across the country, including ones in Illinois and Ohio.

An elementary school in Pennsylvania recently denied the club, creating a lawsuit.

Guilford County Schools wants parents to know they are not associated with any after-school program. They are also reviewing their legal counsel on how flyers for non-school-sponsored clubs are distributed.