DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Durham schools will have see a dramatic change to their dress codes following a vote Thursday.

One rule that stayed the same states that students must cover all private parts, but beyond that, the dress code is open.

The new language said that students do not need to cover bra straps or underwear waistbands. The rules also said students can wear midriff-baring shirts, commonly called crop tops.

Furthermore, the language in the updated dress code expressly allows protective hairstyles, including locs and braids.

The new rules also point out that if a student is in violation of the dress code, a teacher should not address that student found in violation in front of their peers.

While the board loosened restrictions on several items of clothing or wardrobe choices, two articles of clothing continued to remain not up for discussion — hats and hoodies.

“After those meetings, it was the determination of administration that they not be recommended by the board and that was the final version of the policy at this time,” chief of staff Tanya Giovanni said at the board meeting. “The strikeouts are permanent. Hats and hoodies are not allowed.”

Leaders also within the district who wanted to see these changes said dress codes typically target female students more than males and this decision aims to correct that.

No parents showed up to talk about this during public comments, but many expressed how upset they were about it on social media.