CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who was off-duty but inside an assigned patrol vehicle was arrested for impairment, CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings said Wednesday.

Officer Peter Lombardo will be cited for termination after being arrested at about 4 a.m. Wednesday near I-277 and 12th Street in uptown Charlotte for driving while impaired, CMPD Chief Jennings said during a news brief.

The vehicle was parked on a grassy shoulder, CMPD said.

“We cannot tolerate an officer who decides to drink alcohol to the point of intoxication and get in any vehicle, let alone a CMPD-marked vehicle. It’s unacceptable,” Chief Jennings said.

The officer, who was in plain clothes, was a member of the Special Weapons and Tactics Team and had already been issued a take-home vehicle.

Lombardo had two previous citations, which included excessive speeding in a traffic collision and missing a court or training appearance.

He had been with CMPD since 2008 and served in the Eastway Division.