Parents will soon patrol the halls to keep students safe at North Carolina high school

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CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Parents will soon be patrolling at a North Carolina high school in a new effort mission aimed at protecting their children’s school.

A program at Hopewell High School aims to combat fights and guns on campus. More than 60 parents are interested in patrolling the hallways, not just to keep guns out of school and save lives, but to change them.

“I do feel that all of them are my kids,” Drayton Gilyard said.

Out of the nearly 1,800 students at Hopewell High, only one is Gilyard’s son, but he feels like all of them are.

“I have adopted all of these as my kids.”

And he wants them to stay out of trouble.

“You’d be surprised how many learn from the streets. It’s trial and error, and they don’t have any positive in their life to guide them.”

Gilyard is on a new mission hitting the hallways to protect this school.

Hopewell is starting a new program called “Titan Dads and Moms on a Mission.” Parents will post up in the hallways and keep a check on students.

“Any principal, your greatest fear is something happening in your school that would cause harm to staff and students,” said Principal Tracey Pickard.

Hopewell came way too close to that last week when two loaded guns were found after a fight broke out in the hallways.

“I’m thankful that the day ended without a loss of life that we were able to immediately secure our space,” said Pickard.

Principal Pickard says change is needed, and it’s starting with the parents on patrol.

“My dad’s my best friend,” said student Logan Henderson.

Henderson says she can talk with her dad about anything.

“It’s a different point of view. We had police officers, that was kind of intense so I think just having an extra pair of eyes around is going to work out fine,” said Henderson.

They’ll bring calm to chaos and ease the minds of students and parents.

“I have twins here. I’m a dad but just knowing that I have other people in the building looking out for them possibly, maybe even imparting some wisdom on them that I couldn’t, is great,” said Byron Gettings.

“Titan Dads and Moms on a Mission” is set to begin next week. One community member, who’s not even a dad but he is a CMS graduate, even signed up to volunteer, just to give back.

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