GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — Officials said a plane made an emergency landing in a field in Greenville County Thursday evening.

The plane landed shortly before 7 p.m. in a field off of Morgan Road near Old Highway 25 in northern Greenville County.

According to the FAA, the single-engine Cessna 177 had two people on board.

Emergency management said the plane flipped when the pilot made the emergency landing.

“All we know is that they tried to land in the field, the nose of the plane hit the field, they just plowed the field and there are some bumps in the field because of that. When the nose hit it, it flipped the plane over,” said Jessica Stumpf, director of Greenville County Emergency Services

Stumpf said the two people had just refueled at the Pickens County Airport and were heading towards Hendersonville.

No injuries were reported.

Neighbors said this was anything but a typical Thursday night.

“We were just in there watching TV, we heard a plane flying around for awhile, but we didn’t hear a crash or anything. We seen all the first responders come in. So, I got her and came outside and seen the plane lying upside down in the field,” said Jasmine Williams, who lives in the area.

Stumpf said the Glassy Mountain Fire District was in charge of the scene.

“Miracle tonight, for sure, and we’re very grateful for that,” Stumpf said.

She said a deputy will stay with the plane Thursday night.

The FAA said will investigate.