Report: South Carolina ranks 3rd in the world for worst coronavirus outbreaks

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WJZY) – New statistics on COVID-19 have many wondering if South Carolina decided to reopen too soon.

Right now, South Carolina is third in the world for worst coronavirus outbreaks. According to a chart by the New York Times showing the most new cases per million, the Palmetto state comes in right above Bahrain.

“Now knowing that it’s affecting my community where I live at personally is kind of scary,” Ja’Kari Golden said.

South Carolina DHEC announced there are 1,723 new confirmed cases and 22 more deaths bringing the state total to more than 50,500 cases and deaths to nearly 900.

“I do think that the state opened too soon, but people just don’t want to be in the house especially with it being summertime they want to get out and hang out with friends and hang out with family,”

State epidemiologist Dr. Linda Bell says she’s concerned about the direction the state is headed in.

“We must get our state’s escalating numbers under control. If we are not vigilant in wearing masks and staying physically distanced by others, we could see cases rise to levels I don’t care to imagine,”

“I do think there should be a statewide mandate. I agree with that.”

Some feel another shutdown is necessary, but don’t believe it will happen.

“I do think the state should step in. I don’t see that happening with us being a Republican state and Trump pushing for the whole country to open back up. I think that these republican states especially like South Carolina and other southern states are going to follow his rule,”

Right now, more than 75 percent of the state’s hospital beds are being used. More than 1,400 of the 8,000 inpatients are being treated for coronavirus.  

“I don’t think we knew enough as far as statistics and all that and we were kind of going off of what people felt as far as wanting going back to work and we were thinking about money and the economy as well but the safety of the people is very important. I feel like we should take that into consideration definitely as far as children and schools, as well as, the elderly.”

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